Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles Applications

LENR Cars is collaborating with companies and partners manufacturing or developing electric vehicles or zero emission vehicles.These zero emission vehicles can be electric cars, but also trains, boats or even electric airplanes.


Zero Emission Vehicles


Electric Cars Applications

For electric cars, our Condensed Matter Hydrogen Fuel Cells will act as an on-board generator working as a range extender recharging the electric car batteries when needed. At early stage, we are expecting to produce 1 to 2 kW of electricity with our LENR generators and charge the batteries even the electric car is parked and not used.

On a longer term, we expect to be able to produce over 20kW of electricity with our Condensed Matter Hydrogen Fuel Cells. In this case the LENR generators will be running only when the electric car batteries are below 80% of the charge. The car will be always charged allowing daily trip of over 2'000 km if needed.


LENR Cars Generators
Artistic view of our Condensed Matter Hydrogen Fuel Cells installed in the hood of a Tesla Model S


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