Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is currently the most suitable electric vehicle for our development.
The Model S has an 85 kWh battery allowing a range of 480 km per full charge.


  • 2012-Tesla-Model-S-cockpit-and-center-screen
  • 2012-Tesla-Model-S-front-cargo-area
  • 2012-Tesla-Model-S-front-seats
  • 2012-Tesla-Model-S-steering-wheel
  • 2013-Tesla-Model-S-cockpit
  • 2013-Tesla-Model-S-interior-1
  • 2013-Tesla-Model-S-interior-2
  • 2013-Tesla-Model-S-motor-in-subframe
  • 2013-Tesla-Model-S-motor
  • Full_Platform
  • electriccars_large

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